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The most recent entry is 26 August 2020.

Cover art by Ⓤ.
Cover art by Ⓤ.

In June 2017, my friend Rick invited me to go and visit him in Yorkshire to attend an intensive introductory weekend course at Leeds Beekeepers' Association. The next summer, when I had moved to London, I started going along to the nearby Walworth Garden apiary after another course there to learn and volunteer. In those six months, I learned a lot from the apiary manager Tristram Sutton and the other volunteers.

When I moved back to Somerset in January 2019, I became interested in keeping my own bees. I joined the local beekeepers' association and have been going along to their meetings. My nephew, as well my friend Dave and his daughter, are all joining in too. Here I try to document in the form of a blog with photos how we're getting on with setting up our nascent apiary, with the successes and the mistakes. This blog is mainly a learning exercise for me as a beginner beekeeper so comments, corrections and opinions from anyone out there reading this are always welcome.

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2 July 2020
No sign of EFB
... in which we reassure ourselves of our bees' health.
8 July 2020
Still no EFB
... in which we further reassure ourselves of our bees' health.
24 July 2020
Dave saves the day
... in which an intervention converts Colony 1 to foundationless.
2 August 2020
Not just me moving house
... in which Colony 3 is found deserted.
26 August 2020
A good inspection
... in which all is well.