The hive arrived


Someone from Federal Express came this morning to bring my new Thorne budget hive in a battered and torn cardboard box. I asked him to mark the delivery unchecked. 'It's because it contains wood', he opaquely explained. The contents turned out to be fine, but I think next time I'll make the trip to South Moulton to be sure.

The kit came with a nice six-page guide to the hive, where to get a colony, choosing a site, installing the bees, and an overview of the beekeeper's year. The guide had links to PDF assembly instructions and also a YouTube channel with construction videos for the floor, the brood body, the supers, the roof, the brood frames and the super frames. There's also one showing how to put it all together. I'm going to head over to the workshop tomorrow and make a start on all of this.

The other news is that my dad has found two twelve-foot (3.66m) gates which will form the edges of our little apiary. Dave and I will be putting them up next Friday. We'll then have all we need to go on the swarm list, hopefully not too late in the season.

Stapled to the instructions in the hive package was a flyer for the National Honey show in late October in Esher (Surrey). On the Saturday (26 October), there's an emphasis on lectures for people in 'the early years of beekeeping', so I'll try to go along to that.