Some beekeeping podcasts

I'm a fan of podcasting; I get through at least a few hours of podcasts per day. So I thought I'd note down a few pointers to a few of the {beekeeping podcasts} that I've stumbled across. I've listened to a couple of episodes of each of these and I'm sure I'll listen to more when I'm making frames or doing other jobs.

Beekeeping - Short and Sweet, by experienced bee farmer Stewart Spinks, claims to be for beekeepers with short attention spans. What this means is that is presented in a way which is information-dense but easy to follow, sometimes in a storytelling style. I really like that. A great seasonal roundup with a mine of useful information for the beginner like me. This is my favourite so far.

The Barefoot Beekeeper podcast by Phil Chandler goes along with the site of the same name. He is an advocate and practitioner of natural beekeeping methods (see also Friends of the Bees), working with top-bar hives. I don't know nearly enough about this side of beekeeping, but I'd say I have a general interest in nature. I think it's worth tuning in for what you might learn, even — and especially — if it's occasionally controversial. Related to this, in the sense that there's a focus on natural beekeepeing, is the long-established The Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast, with its associated forum. It is about avoiding treatments and pesticides when keeping bees and related topics. I've heard from a few places that this sort of beekeeping is becoming quite popular in the UK. On the podcast, there's quite a lot more discussion of topics like bee genetics, natural selection for various traits, and the effects of beekeeping practices and philosophy on the these things. I like what it makes me think about, and specifically how I want to approve beekeeping longer term.

Other podcasts take more of a rambling chat format mixing information, news and the experiences of the hosts. Beehive Jive is an occasional podcast produced by Tracey and Paul in South London. That's where I started my beekeeping adventure in earnest, so it's nice to hear from there.

Finally, from much further afield there's another favourite. The Kiwimana Buzz podcast is produced by a beekeeping company in New Zealand. It gives an insight into the running of a larger beekeeping operation in another part of the world. Despite being based in the southern hemisphere, Kiwimana Buzz features regular roundups from beekeepers around the world. It's generally very informative and relaxed and has interviews with interesting and knowledgable people.

There are many more beekeeping podcasts, particularly from the USA. Some recommendations I've not had the time to check out yet include Beekeeping from Five Apple Farm, The Beekeeper's Corner and The Hive Jive. If you know of any more, let me know.