Sore thumbs


The frames for the brood box and supers were what essentially remained of the hive building task list by Wednesday of last week. Making these was more fiddly work than the stages before, so I treated myself to a smaller hammer and decided to do it from the comfort of my kitchen. I say that it's fiddly work, but you get used to how to make them easily and after the first few it may as well be automatic. I see myself in a few years spending whole evenings in front of a film or two just knocking up super frames without even thinking about it.

The instruction video demonstrates the fairly simple process. I found I had to trim the wax foundation a bit, particularly for the brood frames. I also ended up putting the two bottom bars on after I had put the foundation into place. With a bit of room for adjustment, this seemed to lead to flatter, tidier frames in the end for me, and fewer trimming mistakes.

All this means I'm now ready to put up the fencing tomorrow, put all the hive parts together and stick it in the field on a stand made of pallets (the proper hive stand is still on order) with a brick or two on top. Finally, I can then go on the swarm list...