Mae'n heulog eto


Well, we've had a few days of sunny weather and the ground has dried out. So, this morning Dave and I went out to the apiary site to put up a fence around where the hives will be. We met the neighbours too — a herd of young and very inquisitive cattle that'll have to be kept well away from the bees. We (re)used two twelve-foot gates and big wooden stakes to construct a reasonably generously-sized apiary for our hives this year and next. The metal gate just looks wonky in the photo — it's of course perfectly aligned in real life. Anyway, the whole thing was pretty sturdy and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. With a bit of hedge-cutting, strimming and flattening it'll be great.

The hive stand came yesterday from Thorne's. I'll be putting it together on Monday. However, considering our wet Somerset ground and the 25cm height of the stand, we much preferred Dave's suggestion of building a custom double stand with a bit more height.