16 August 2019

Today's inspection was rained off, but we still went to take a look. Instead of opening up the hives, Ⓓ and I had a look at the bottom boards while Dave cut back the long grass and brambles around the apiary, giving us much more room. We talked about how my hive is low to the ground, and how to avoid damp over the winter. Dave suggested using paving slabs in the short term, and for the longer term he offered to make another double stand on which my hive could sit. You can see the difference between the stands in the post about the trail camera. We must all have felt as though beekeeping is something we'd like to keep doing for some time, because with the talk of this new stand came talk of a possible expansion to four colonies next year.

Anyway, it looks like tomorrow will be sunny, so we're going to do the inspection then.