2 September 2019

I went to the hive this evening to top up the feeder, and it was bone dry. I'd made up just over a litre of 2:1 syrup for them. As I poured it slowly into the feeder, twenty or so bees suddenly appeared in the cup to eat more. They're hungry.

In more dramatic news, two experienced beekeepers have told me that the cells in Friday's inspection that appeared to be half in a brood cell and half hanging off at almost right angles are in fact emergency queen cells. These are produced when some catastrophe has befallen the queen and the workers make a new queen from an existing brood cell. I haven't yet decided what, if anything, I'll do about this. There are several options, but I'll write more about all this in a few days.

Colony ID
Queen seen?
Queen cells
Framefuls of stores
Frames available for brood
Estimated mites
Temper / docility
Feed given
Treatment given
Supers added
C11.3l 2:117°C ☁