Staying curious

This morning, Rick — Ⓤ's father — wrote to say:

Ⓤ has got into a YouTube channel by Maddie Moate and she does a lot of stuff about beekeeping. She just did one looking at different storage in the comb through a microscope, and now is talking about how guard bees tear off wasp heads, feed them to larvae and then workers drink the resulting secretion. Really good for kids!

I'm not really one for watching television, but I now learn that Maddie is a presenter of science programmes on the BBC, particularly on the early years channel CBeebies. She is not only a beekeeper herself, but also a clear communicator of beekeeping ideas to children in a structured way. This holds even when the material is quite in-depth — the linked microscopy episode is interesting and informative even for adults.

My sister reports that Maddie is popular in Ⓑ and Ⓒ's home, and the episodes Ⓑ and I watched after school this afternoon were well-received.