Blue nuc


Swarm season is certainly upon us — people around here keep mentioning to me that they heard of a swarm of bees here or there — so I thought I should finish up Ⓑ's nuc so we had a good chance of getting a swarm in it this year.

Here it is, stained in blue, as specified. Don't get too impressed by my carpentry skills, though. I put two bits of the inner hive on back-to-front. Fortunately this isn't a huge mistake and will just need the handles on the frames to be sawed off, 1cm either side, and a bit more care during inspections. I've made mistakes with frame-building and, well, tons of other stuff, so it's all good practice.

Dave has kindly said we can put the nuc on his stand. His stands are already legendary, very strong, and they raise the hive to a really comfortable height. I'll then see whether Thomas or Neville from the local association could move in some bees rescued from some unfortunate locked-down household.