Apiary improvements


Dave has made an excellent new stand (pictured) and today we went down to the field to install it. There was a bit of discussion about where to place it, but we ended up with a nice staggered layout, giving us capacity for three full hives and two nucs. One is there already, ready to house a new swarm. Pretty cool.

Up until today I had been using a plastic queen excluder, but I decided to upgrade to something nicer. By then they were getting tired of the interference. The weather was not just windy today, but gusty, and while plenty of them decided to sit on my suit, they soon moved back into the hive and out of the wind when the threat was over.

After having been moved and then had a component of their hive replaced, I'm going to give them a few days before their next inspection. Dave mentioned that the super didn't feel very heavy, so perhaps that's more reassurance that they have plenty of room and will be less inclined to swarm.