No sign of EFB

A few days ago the beekeeping association got in touch to let everyone know that there'd be a case of European Foul Brood in Axbridge, roughly 8km away from where our bees are. The local bee inspector wanted everyone's details for the containment effort. And EFB wasn't found only there — the disease map had quite a few yellow spots around. We're pretty sure we don't have any EFB in Colony 1 or 3, though. Phew.

Well, we had a good inspection. There were no signs of any disease, which is a relief. Ⓑ helped me out today. He's now lifting out frames on his own, shaking them off, and doing the first inspections of the frames before passing it to me. This is a leap in his confidence with the bees. It's good to see.

We've seen a big increase in stores in Colony 1 with about four or five super frames nearly full of honey or nectar, and about three and a half frames of stores in the brood body. There was also a huge amount of brood — about six full frames in all stages. We saw a few half-built queen cups too, with nothing inside. Finally, we saw the queen. I'm rubbish at queen-spotting, so this was a nice surprise.

Colony 3 is still doing its own thing. They've reinforced the natural comb a little, but there were a number of bees on the foundation so hopefully they're interested in being a bit more conventional and taking up residence on the frames. They were really chilled out. We just left them alone — I see no reason to do anything like cut out the comb and mount it in empty frames. They're fine as they are.

All the bees are taking the ApiCandy — 300g taken in the nuc and about 700g in the hive. I left the hive another 1kg of ApiCandy, but they seem to be foraging okay themselves.

So, all is well!

In other news, I've stumbled on some pages about computer keyboards with hexagonal layouts. One is a design for an illuminated comb-inspired keyboard, and the other inspired by benzene but with a picture of a honey bee on the PCB. Another bee-inspired invention is this combination of a hive and a bed, with full instructions for constructing it at home. The general reaction in ##lhs-beekeepers was 'what?'

Colony ID
Queen seen?
Queen cells
Framefuls of stores
Frames available for brood
Estimated mites
Temper / docility
Feed given
Treatment given
Supers added
C15 cups✔ 6f e3½f + 5sup3½f brood, 5f super91kg ApiCandy017°C ☁ windy
C3⅓ roof 😀917°C ☁ windy