Dave saves the day

I'm up in the Yorkshire Dales at the moment. I'd spent the morning out on an amazing walk and just after had received a call from Dave, who had kindly inspected our bees after a few weeks' absence.

He said that he tried to get the super from the hive. He thought that it so tightly glued together with propolis, even after lots of cracking and wiggling with the hive, that the hive parts were inseperable. It turned out that the super was full of honey, and so heavy that he struggled to lift it. Dave is a generally large and strong kind of guy so this was a surprise. Going deeper into the hive, the bees had taken up most of the available remaining space with stores of honey. We were lucky that they hadn't swarmed, from the sounds of things.

Dave immediately put in a new super — phew. I haven't written much about this on the blog, but he is a convert to foundationless frames. I don't know much about them but he tells me he has put in ten frames with starter foundation, and they'll be left to draw out their own comb in the remaining space. They have a lot of leftover wax in the hive, and they're very busy, so hopefully that won't take too long at all. When I return to Somerset it'll be interesting to see what they've built. In any case, I think Dave has prevented a swarm of my main colony, so I couldn't be happier with his intervention.