A good inspection


Today's inspection was excellent. The weather was sunny, with a fair breeze, but it didn't appear to bother the bees.

They had nearly polished off the food, but the hedges were full of flowers and the supers were filling up nicely. The top one, with the foundation, is about 60% full and is now heavy. When I lifted it, I had to stop and separate the frames from the super below to stop it all lifting off in one go. I don't tend to check the supers for more than a short time, but I could see the bottom super, without foundation, is beginning to full, with about five frames containing a formed comb.

Below the sticky supers and lower in the brood box, things looked similarly good. Plenty of eggs, grubs and capped brood, no queen cups, and lots of pollen. Waxy pollen everywhere, most of it the same dark brown colour. Pollen experts might even be able to tell me where it was from the colour, so I'll try to get a photo next time.

Happy bees, a happy beekeeper, and the smoker even stayed lit for the whole inspection!

Colony ID
Queen seen?
Queen cells
Framefuls of stores
Frames available for brood
Estimated mites
Temper / docility
Feed given
Treatment given
Supers added
C1✔ 4f e5½f + 10sup1½f brood, 11f super9019°C ☀