Wednesday Go

There is a Chinese proverb, ()()会友(huìyǒu). It means that we should use board games to meet friends. Chris and I play go over the internet on Wednesday evenings, at about 20:30 London time. Right now we play informal, unranked 9×9 or 13×13 games and chat over Discord. It's really relaxing and we don't take things too seriously, we promise.

To join us, first register with ('OGS') if you aren't already a member. Then, join our group, Wednesday Night Go. If you hang around in the chatroom at 19:30 UTC on Wednesdays, you should see some of us.

What we do

Ideas for the future

We could try out several possible things with this group.

If you don't know how to play yet, I've prepared some pointers for you.