Monday notes

The most recent note is 3 August 2020.

A common question heard at your local hackerspace is "What are you working on at the moment?".

After some success with my beekeeping blog, I thought I'd start a rough collection of weekly notes on my web server to keep track of what I'm doing, the ideas I'm having, and let anyone else out there with any interest to hear about it. Logging the stages in problem-solving allows me to look back and pick up where I left off. Making a note of useful websites, papers or other references means I don't lose them. Already the entries are very link-heavy. They resemble a list of bookmarks more than a blog sometimes, but they provide lots of jumping-off points, and I hope some of these are useful.

Monday is the start of each week, which seems like a good day to look back and look forward, so here there they are — the Monday Notes.

The notes are likely to be scrappy. Not aiming to have things very polished ensures that something goes up every Monday. An RSS feed is now available — please let me know if you encounter problems with it!


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