6 July 2020

Well, rather a lot of real life has been happening this week. Details aren't relevant here, but I thought I'd quickly report on a bit more go progress.

I've made some progress on my Haskell code, but wanted to make a list of ways of describing moves for it to use. While I was watching NHK coverage of a Cho Chikun match in which he steals a teacup, I noticed that the referees or record-takers or whatever were using terms like tsuke and hane, along with the board coordinates, to confirm each move. I'm hoping to get a list of the terms used in this way, but I haven't found anything yet. I'm building up a notebook of moves, patterns, and tesuji, so I might just use some of those. I happened across a link for the Baduk Megapack of AI go programs. The idea of running the installer makes me a little nervous but the list of programs is useful. Maybe one or two of them will have that kind of commentary.

I am in the middle of a fortnight-old 19×19 game with Chris. It is slow but intriguing, and it feels at any time like there might be half a dozen or so situations playing out on the board. The current position, which looks unlike any I've seen in other games, is the following. If you know a bit of go, see if you can find some of the situations! I play Black.

Today's state of play in my first 19×19 game.
Today's state of play in my first 19×19 game.

When we play we seem to lump together around the centre a bit, though Chris seems to have got that territory sewn up while I was distracted fighting him at the bottom. This week I also start playing with another real-life friend, Yujian. It'll be interested to see if and how he plays differently.

I'll pad out these notes with some cool links I've found or been sent.