Simon Rawles's publications archive

Welcome to my archive of publications. Click on the title of a publication to view a more detailed description and download the publications. In some cases, related material such as posters and presentations are available for download too.

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Inductive Logic Programming and Machine Learning

Inductive logic programming was the focus of my work at Bristol University but I did some related work in the more general field of machine learning. Inductive logic programming is a subfield of machine learning based on logic programming. Examples and background knowledge and the hypotheses generated from them are all expressed in a logic programming language like Prolog. The goal of an ILP system is to produce a logic program which entails all the positive examples and none of the negative examples.

The publications listed below are a mixture of those on the topic of inductive logic programming and those on other machine learning topics.

Computer-Assisted Assessment

Computer-assisted assessement was one of the areas I worked in at the University of Warwick. This involves the study of the use of computers within the assessment process, usually with the aim of (partially) automating it. Of interest was the use of computer software to self-assess, or for an instructor to perform formative, diagnostic and summative testing.

I am putting more and more of these publications online as time goes on and I dig documents out to put up here.