Teletext today

I have this inexplicable obsession with teletext, the 1970s information retrieval service. I wrote the majority of the teletext editor and maintain the associated frame archive. This is just a place for teletext bits, including where I've tried to explain hold graphics.

The people who make it happen

For a few years now there's been a growing teletext scene. In the absence of any more information by me here, I'll list a few links.

A much nicer tour of the scene can be read at Pete Fagan's Channel 26, under the titles Teletext Lives, Teletext Design and Teletext Future.


People have attempted to explain aspects of teletext and its format in blogs and videos.

Try it for yourself

Believe it or not, you can still use teletext and its cousins viewdata and Minitel. Here are a list of the services that I've found so far. There are of course a lot of professional services out there, and I've included a few, but here are all the amateur ones I've come across.

Amateur teletext:
Teefax, Chunkytext.
Broadcast teletext:
In German: ARDText, BR Text, hr-text, mdr-text, NDR Text, ORF, rbbtext, SRF 1, WDR Text, ZDFtext. In Dutch: NOS Teletekst. In Finnish: yle Teksti-TV, MTV. In Swedish: SVT. In Icelandic: RÚV. There are fuller directories of world teletext services at mb21 and beepworld.
Tetrachloromethane (CCl<sub>4</sub>) (and its Torch Saga), nxtel (coming soon), TELSTAR. These are accessible via vd-view.
Minitel (in French):
3614 HACKER, 3614 TEASER, and several services via the Minitel/Télétel interface at